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Friday, April 1, 2022 8:45 AM

Mel Rapozo seeks election to the Kauai County Council in 2022

Lihue, HI, April 1, 2022:   Former Council Chair Mel Rapozo announced today that he will be seeking election to the Kauai County Council in 2022. He previously served on the Kauai County Council from 2002-2008, and from 2010-2018, serving as Council Chair for his last 4 years in office. He also served as the President of the Hawaii State Association of Counties for most of his time on the Council.

“I am excited to begin the campaign for election to the Kauai County Council. I realize that there are many pressing issues that face our County, and I am committed to returning to the Council to work on them right away. While there are many serious issues facing our County, opening the adolescent drug treatment and healing center, resolving our solid waste crisis, creating truly affordable housing and dealing with homelessness are definitely on the top of my list.”

Rapozo has been employed as a Special Investigator with the Office of the Prosecuting Attorney for the past 2 years. He continues to be an active part of the community and is looking forward to bringing his 14 years of legislative experience back to the Kauai County Council.

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