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Solid Waste (Landfill)

The most pressing issue currently confronting Kauai is our solid waste crisis. Our existing landfill is approaching its maximum capacity, and there is no established plan for a new site. It is imperative that we expand our recycling programs to prolong the life of the current landfill and investigate additional waste management solutions. Although Kauai faces numerous challenges, the repercussions of reaching landfill capacity would be severe.

We have been actively urging the Administration to accelerate their efforts in identifying a solution, including the passage of a Resolution to explore alternative technologies to address this crisis. Our commitment to advocating for viable solutions will persist.

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Affordable Housing

Addressing the affordable housing crisis on Kauai is an urgent priority. The island faces a severe shortage of affordable housing options, making it increasingly difficult for local families and workers to secure stable living conditions. This crisis not only exacerbates economic inequality but also threatens the social fabric and sustainability of our community. Immediate and innovative measures are essential to provide affordable housing solutions, ensuring that all residents have access to safe, decent, and reasonably priced homes.

We recently increased the property tax rates on the hotel/resort and TVR classes. The revenues generated from these increases will be used to purchase lands that can be used for the development of local housing. The County of Kauai does not have an inventory of vacant lands. Without lands, it is impossible to create affordable or workforce housing. We also restructured our tax classes that will hopefully incentivize property owners to convert their high-market rentals into long-term affordable rentals.

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The expansion of travel lanes is essential. I have engaged with our State and Federal delegations to emphasize the critical need for a new mauka highway. Recognizing that this project will take decades to come to fruition, it is imperative to initiate discussions and planning now. In the interim, we should consider opening alternative routes utilizing our existing network of old cane haul roads. This will require either obtaining rights of entry from current landowners or pursuing eminent domain. The traffic situation in Kauai is deteriorating daily, necessitating immediate action.

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Addressing homelessness is one of my top priorities. It is crucial to approach this issue with compassion and comprehensive strategies. Our efforts include increasing affordable housing, expanding mental health and addiction services, and enhancing job training programs. Collaboration with local organizations and community members is essential to developing sustainable solutions. We are committed to creating a supportive environment where everyone has the opportunity to live with dignity and stability. Read More


The State’s heavily funded visitor promotions have created many issues for our delicate island. Our infrastructure is inadequate to handle the current level of visitors on the island. We simply don’t have the resources to keep up with the demand required by overtourism. While I am cognizant of the fact that tourism is our main industry, we are over capacity and the quality of life for our residents has diminished. I am working on a bill that will amortize TVRs so that visitors will be staying in visitor destination areas only and not in our neighborhoods. We don’t control flight routes or visitor promotions so I am afraid that it will only get worse.

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Agriculture and Food Sustainability

We need to incentivize agriculture production here on Kauai. We have large tracts of lands controlled by the State's Agribusiness Development Corporation (ADC) that sit empty. I have spoken with the ADC and encouraged them to do what they can to open these lands up for local ag production. We have a generous ag dedication program that provides tax incentives for landowners that dedicate their lands to farming or ranching. We continue to explore ways to create opportunities that will encourage agriculture and food sustainability on Kauai.

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Cesspool Conversion

The cost for a cesspool conversion is significantly higher on Kauai. I am hearing that estimates are in the range of $50,000 to $75,000. This is simply not possible for many residents. The County needs to expedite the implementation of sewer systems in the most vulnerable areas. We also must work with State and Federal agencies to make funding available to assist our residents with their conversions.

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Government Accountability

As Chair of the Kauai County Council, I am committed to strictly adhering to the State’s Sunshine Law. All discussions occur in the open and community engagement is strongly encouraged. Our local news media does not cover our local government, so I have worked with Hoike, our public access TV station, to air a weekly “Kauai County Council Roundup” show that recaps the Council and Committee meetings. This program is also available on my personal YouTube channel. This has been beneficial for our residents to keep up with the County Council.

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